Thank You for 50 Excellent Years


Thank you for joining us on our journey as we shared 50 stories to celebrate 50 years of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. 

Over these 50 years, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation has helped millions of people worldwide learn how to ride and how to use smart riding strategies so they can enjoy years of motorcycling fun. But the success of the MSF is truly a reflection of the dedication, passion, hard work, and good role-modeling of our entire training community. 

We heard from many RiderCoaches and DirtBike School Coaches who told us that they became coaches because motorcycling brought them so much joy, empowerment, freedom, confidence, and friendship that they wanted to give back and help others discover why we ride. We heard from many riders who shared how the MSF and our coaches helped them achieve their two- and three-wheeling dreams, and how motorcycling has helped them expand their horizons, literally and figuratively. 

While we weren’t able to share everyone’s story this year, we wanted to keep the conversation going, so the Motorcycle Safety Foundation will continue to share stories from the riding community from time to time.  

As we close out the year, the MSF salutes all of you for 50 years of excellence in motorcycle training and education, and we look forward to continuing in our endeavor to help riders ride their best.

If you have some time, take a look back at some of the fantastic stories we had the privilege to share from our first 50 years. We look forward to welcoming even more riders to the MSF family and we wish everyone safe, adventurous journeys ahead! Happy holidays!