MSF DirtBike School Helped Young Boy Find His Calling

In 2022, Miles Engelmann raced in the Loretta Lynn Amateur Nationals, finishing 17th overall. But he had a very different start than many motocross riders. For one, neither of his parents rode, nor did they know anything about motorcycles, dirt bikes, or racing at the time. But when Miles was in second grade, his dad saw that the Motorcycle Safety Foundation offered DirtBike School for anyone ages 6 years and up. He signed Miles up so that he could try something new, and Miles was instantly hooked.

Miles did his first DirtBike School class when he was in the second grade. He loved it so much that he did the class about 24 times.
Miles and his family at Loretta Lynn’s.
Last year, he qualified for and raced at the Loretta Lynn Amateur Nationals.

“I did the class probably 24 times,” Miles said, “because it was where I was having the most fun on the weekends.” Having proven to his parents that riding a motorcycle was more than a passing fascination, they bought him a dirt bike and haven’t looked back.

Riding was not just a passing fascination for Miles.

See the Engelmanns tell their story on how dirt bikes brought the family together in ways they couldn’t have imagined.