Will Work for Motorcycle

Instagram modeling with an Indian Scout. When riding, she wears all the gear, all the time. (Photo by Ash Thayer.)

Actor Nina Bergman knew she was born to ride when she landed a gig that required her to ride a motorcycle. However, she didn’t have her motorcycle license yet, but she didn’t let that stop her. She quickly booked a weekend MSF class, got trained, and got endorsed.

By Nina Bergman
Actor, singer, motorcycle enthusiast

If you ask me today how I feel about motorcycles, I will tell you that I can’t imagine my life without them! No matter what mood I’m in or how stressed-out or grumpy I am, once I start that engine, get on the bike and ride, feeling the wind on my body, I feel alive again and everything else disappears. I believe it’s the closest thing to flying! 

I moved to Los Angeles after finishing acting school at New York University. I was eager to start acting and auditioned for a gig. They asked me if I rode motorcycles, and I said “Yes,” even though I had not gotten my license yet. I got the job and knew that I needed to get some training before they started shooting. Luckily, I was able to get into an MSF weekend class to get trained and licensed. 

Shortly after that, I was given a Harley-Davidson Sportster as payment after finishing a TV pilot. The bike was painted in my favorite metallic-blue color with my logo on the tank! I knew then that I was born to ride! 

Nina took a track class at Willow Springs Raceway to improve her riding skills. 

As a new rider, I would often ride with friends. But I knew that if I wanted to get better, I would have to continue learning, so I took a class at Willow Springs Raceway to learn how to maneuver my bike at higher speeds, and gain more understanding of how a motorcycle works. And that was it for me — I was so hooked. 

I’m an adrenaline junkie — I love racing cars, I was an amateur boxer, and I sang (and still do sing) in rock bands. But the motorcycling community is where I feel the most at home. I don’t have to explain myself, and among most women who ride, we all have a common thread. 

I’ve written songs about my bikes, one in particular called “Harley.” I’ve played badasses in movies riding motorcycles, and I’m always trying to incorporate motorcycling into everything I do. And of course, I love to customize my bikes. 

While I am an adrenaline junkie, I do live by two very strict rules: When riding, full gear ALWAYS. And if I wanna race, I go to the track. Ride responsibly!

Cheers and happy 50th anniversary, MSF!