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Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s eCourses Now Available to the Public
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A Salute to Our RiderCoaches and Our Training Community

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation is celebrating 50 years of rider education and training, which really means celebrating 50 years of RiderCoaches, DirtBike School Coaches, site administrators, program managers — everyone in our training community — who have helped millions of people realize their dreams of two- and three-wheeling.

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Ride to Serve, Serve to Ride

Richard King joined the Marine Corps in the 1970s and became an infantry scout/sniper for a Surveillance and Target Acquisitions unit. He soon found that his love of motorcycling was of use to Uncle Sam, and he was chosen to take the Combat Motorcycle course to become a scout/messenger, which he did during Desert Storm.

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Will Work for Motorcycle

Actor Nina Bergman knew she was born to ride when she landed a gig that required her to ride a motorcycle. However, she didn’t have her motorcycle license yet, but she didn’t let that stop her.

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See Motorcycles This Summer

In these so-called modern times, people are under constant stress from bumper-to-bumper commutes, roadway courtesy is a lost art, too many drive under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, and over 43,000 Americans lose their lives yearly in traffic collisions.

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Brandi Behling with grandma
From ‘Never Ride’ to Motorcycle Program Manager

Growing up, Brandi Behling heard too many unnerving stories about motorcycles and never thought she would ride. Little did she know, fate had other plans for her. Read on to see how Brandi’s journey led her to become program manager for the New York State Motorcycle Safety Program.

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Maddox Kennerson: Rocker. Rider.

Guitarist Maddox Kennerson is a 16-year-old of many talents. Not only is he in three bands while attending school full-time, he’s been cast in “Shop Class” on Disney+, he’s featured in numerous commercials, and he has many hobbies, including dirt bike riding.

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