MSF RETS Course Offering

Rider Education and Training System

CORE Programs

These packages represent our recommended courses for sequential, ongoing lifelong learning, and consist of the individual offerings circled above.

Upon completion of the BRC, any of our additional course offerings will provide valuable training and learning regardless of sequence chosen.

MSF Curriculum Listing and the CORE Concept

The MSF offers an array of hands-on, classroom-only, and online courses as part of the MSF Rider Education and Training System (RETS). RETS is designed to develop a novice rider into an excellent rider, and each course is research-based and develops knowledge, skill, attitudes and habits associated with safe and responsible riding. Our courses are designed to address a variety of riders who have a variety of needs, preferences, and experience levels.

Safe riding depends as much on the mental skills of awareness and judgment as it does on the physical skill of maneuvering the machine. These skills are perishable and need renewal and lifelong commitment.

To support a rider's commitment to safety, MSF offers the CORE Curricula concept – three “core” sets of RiderCourses grouped into Essential, Expanded, and Recommended levels. All CORE levels provide a progression of developmental exercises to help riders achieve finer skills plus increased capabilities for awareness, judgment, and risk-management, preparing them for higher levels of awareness and thinking out on the streets.

The "Essential CORE," which the MSF recommends as the minimum training for every beginning rider, includes the Basic RiderCourse, which is the "gold standard" in novice rider training; the Basic Bike-Bonding RiderCourse, which features skill drills to help students better handle their own motorcycles; and the Street RiderCourse, which provides licensed riders with a controlled riding experience in the real-world environment of streets and highways.

The "Expanded CORE" adds three courses to the Essential CORE: Street Smart – Rider Perception, a classroom course featuring traffic perception activities relating to real-world situations; the Advanced RiderCourse, a course with activities focusing on rider awareness and risk-management, plus hands-on riding exercises that aim to further develop both technique and judgment; and Street RiderCourse 2, which is a longer, more intensive version of Street RiderCourse 1, focused on improving the perceptual strategies of street riding.

The "Recommended CORE" adds two courses to the Expanded CORE: the Ultimate Bike-Bonding RiderCourse, patterned after police training courses; and the Circuit RiderCourse, a fine-skills course using a much larger riding range, permitting speeds closer to those on public roads.

There is no time or mileage requirement between courses. After successfully completing the Basic RiderCourse, you can take any of our other hands-on courses at any time, in any order. Contact your local training provider for course availability.