How Helmets Work

What You Should Know About Motorcycle Helmets

helmet structure
  1. Helmet Maintenance: Extend your helmet’s life by avoiding exposure to harmful elements and adhering strictly to the manufacturer’s care instructions, ensuring its protective qualities are maintained.
  2. Helmet Storage and Communication: Ensure your helmet’s safety by storing it properly and cautiously considering the installation of communication devices, keeping in mind state-specific regulations, and avoiding any modifications like drilling speaker holes.
  3. Helmet Replacement Timeline: Replace your helmet periodically, especially after an accident, for optimal safety. It’s crucial to check the manufacturing date as helmets degrade over time, affecting their protective capacity.
  4. State Helmet Laws: Familiarize yourself with the diverse helmet laws across states, focusing on the mandatory use of helmets and specific requirements like retroreflective materials for enhanced safety.
  5. Types and Effectiveness of Helmets: Choose a helmet style like full-face for maximum protection and comfort, dispelling common myths about helmets and understanding their role in injury prevention.
  6. Motorcycle Helmet Anatomy: Learn about the key components of your helmet, including the outer shell, liner, padding, and retention system, and regularly inspect each part to ensure they are in good condition for maximum safety.
  7. Choosing the Right Helmet: Select a helmet that not only fits well but also meets established safety standards like DOT or Snell certifications, balancing comfort with optimal protection.
  8. Helmet Care and Cleaning: Maintain your helmet’s effectiveness by using mild soap and water for cleaning, especially the face shield, to avoid scratches and preserve its clarity and protective features.
  9. Helmet Safety Resources: Enhance your knowledge and skills in riding safety by utilizing resources from trusted organizations like the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, and engage in ongoing education and training.

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