You and Your 3-Wheel Motorcycle: Riding Tips


You have gained admission to the wonderful world of motorcycling. You are going to have a marvelous time.

You also have some new responsibilities, which is what this little booklet is all about.

Motorcycling has grown more and more popular in recent years. We’re very glad to see the increase in the number of people who enjoy it. However, we’re also interested in keeping this a safe sport.

The way to do this is to tell the rider – whether novice or experienced – about operating a motorcycle safely. Your enjoyment, and your safety, depends on mastering not only the art of motorcycling but also the realities of the traffic around you.

The staff at the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) has prepared this booklet to provide you – the 3-wheel motorcycle rider – with important tips that can help you to ride safely. Read these pages carefully. Thirty minutes spent reading this information can be one of the most valuable half-hours of learning you have ever had.