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Street Strategies eCourse

Learn key strategies for riding on the street and in traffic

Street Strategies eCourse: $19.99

An online course that is a key component of the hands-on, license waiver Basic RiderCourse 2 that includes in-person classroom instruction, and is for a rider who already has basic riding skills. It can be completed separately as a stand-alone program. It emphasizes the mental aspects of safe riding. (This eCourse can be completed in around 2 hours.)
MSF online motorcycle courses are available separately to learn about motorcycle controls, rules of the road and more. They are often part of MSF RiderCourses and usually included with course tuition – check with your MSF Training Provider to see if your course includes an eCourse before you enroll here.
This course alone does not qualify for a license waiver.

General Information

For riders who already have riding experience. This eCourse focuses on street/traffic strategies to help riders navigate the many challenges of riding in traffic. This interactive course takes approximately 90 minutes. Some locations require this eCourse as a prerequisite to the Basic RiderCourse 2; check with your provider.

This eCourse alone is NOT accepted as a license waiver by any state’s department of motor vehicles, or as a license to ride a motorcycle or as a learner’s permit. The Street Strategies eCourse features selectable Spanish text and audio.

The MSF Street Strategies eCourse is a 90-minute online program for riders who have basic skills and experience. Its primary purpose is to provide the fundamentals of motorcycle rider street strategies, and it accomplishes this using modern, online learning methods including videos and self-checks. Please note that the Street Strategies eCourse alone is NOT accepted as a license waiver by any state’s department of motor vehicles, or as a license to ride a motorcycle or as a learner’s permit.

It is similar in nature to the award-winning MSF Basic eCourse, but basic learn-to- ride and motorcycle controls content is omitted, reducing overall time by nearly half. The course includes selectable Spanish text and audio.

The Street Strategies eCourse addresses proper riding gear, motorcycle size and fit, pre-ride inspection, perceptive strategies for intersections and curves, and includes guidance for when practicing emergency maneuvers. It is intended as a prerequisite for the BRC2 – License Waiver course, but can be completed as a stand-alone refresher program without enrolling in an MSF hands-on course.

The MSF Street Strategies eCourse includes 7 of the 16 sections that follow the content in the BRC Rider Handbook:

  1. Course Introduction*
  2. Motorcycle Types*
  3. Controls, Indicators and Equipment*
  4. About Basic Operation*
  5. Preparing to Ride
  6. Risk and Riding
  7. Basic Street Strategies
  8. Strategies for Common Riding Situations
  9. Basics for Emergencies
  10. Special Riding Situations
  11. Rider Impairments
  12. Select Topics*
  13. Key Safety Concepts*
  14. Knowledge Test*
  15. Next Steps*
  16. Range Preparation*

*These topics are not used in the Street Strategies eCourse. They are reserved for future use.

Recommended Next Steps

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