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Basic RiderCourse ePackage1

This course combines the Basic and Human Factors content into a single eCourse. It’s perfect for new riders and is a prerequisite for many MSF Basic RiderCourses.

ePackage 1: $39.99

The eCourse Package 1 is an online course that integrates the Basic eCourse and the Human Factors eCourse. It is a key component of the hands-on, license waiver Basic RiderCourse and replaces in-person classroom instruction. It integrates the basics of riding for a novice rider and addresses important behavioral aspects for safe and responsible motorcycling. (This eCourse can be completed in around 5 hours.)

Notice: MSF online motorcycle courses are available separately to learn about motorcycle controls, rules of the road and more. They are often part of MSF RiderCourses and usually included with course tuition – check with your MSF Training Provider to see if your course includes an eCourse before you enroll here.

This course alone does not qualify for a license waiver.

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