30 Years Later, She Made Her Dream Come True

Dawn Temple, a photographer and teacher, dreamed of owning a Vespa when she was 14 years old, but she never got around to getting training and buying one until just last year, as she was about to turn 45.

Just the Girl for the Job

Motorcycles made a big impression on Piper, shown here with her Triumph Street Twin. She bought the school where she had taken her MSF Basic RiderCourse and became an MSF-certified RiderCoach.

As a kid, Armene Piper loved Sunday evening rides on the back of her dad’s 1976 Honda CB550. It was a way for them to bond. But a family tragedy eventually ended those rides. Years later, a friend gave Armene a ride on the back of his motorcycle, and that reignited the spark. This eventually […]

Motorcycling Helped Me Better Understand My Father


Writer Brandon Friederich has always been best friends with his father, so of course the two would take the MSF Basic RiderCourse together. When they began riding together, not only did their bond grow, they also discovered things they didn’t know about themselves. By Brandon FriederichSenior Editor at Nearly three years into my motorcycling […]

Maddox Kennerson: Rocker. Rider.


Guitarist Maddox Kennerson is a 16-year-old of many talents. Not only is he in three bands while attending school full-time, he’s been cast in “Shop Class” on Disney+, he’s featured in numerous commercials, and he has many hobbies, including dirt bike riding.

Middle School Teacher to MSF RiderCoach

Jerry riding a demo in an MSF class.

Jerry Foster-Julian, now 80, recently hung up her RiderCoach hat, but she hasn’t hung up her helmet yet. The former middle school teacher, who started riding in the 1960s and has traveled the world by motorcycle, served as a RiderCoach for more than 20 years.

Sharing an Adventure, Reconnecting with Their Past

Seeing some amazing sights

Friends Jaime Gabaldoni and Lazaro Amaro had big plans for a long-distance motorcycle ride. Not only did they want to ride from Miami to Sturgis for the huge motorcycle rally, Laz had plans to reconnect with his brother, whom he hadn’t seen in nearly 30 years, and Jaime wanted to stop in Kansas to visit […]