Basic RiderCourse 2 License Waiver

Basic RiderCourse-2 License Waiver

One day, on-motorcycle course for current riders who need to earn their license. Meets DMV requirements in most states.[code_snippet id=9]

Basic RiderCourse 2 Skill Practice

Basic RiderCourse 2-Skill Practice

One day, on-motorcycle course for current riders or newly licensed riders looking to refine and build skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Introductory Motorcycle Experience


Moto curious? Our two-hour experience teaches basic motorcycle controls and key personal attributes needed to become a safe rider. Motorcycles are provided for your use.

DirtBike School


Learn to ride a dirt bike! Off-road riding is a great option for starting your riding journey, even if
you intend on becoming a street motorcyclist.

Basic eCourse

Basic eCourse

An online course that is a key component of the hands-on Basic RiderCourse, but can also
be completed as a stand-alone program. Helps you understand principles of motorcycling
and determine whether motorcycling is right for you. (Takes about 3 hours.)

Basic RiderCourse

Basic RiderCourse

Our most popular course. Learn core motorcycle riding skills and earn your motorcycle license.
Includes two 5-hour sessions of on-bike instruction over a weekend. [code_snippet id=9]

Research: The MSF Difference – Training Systems Developed Using Data

IRVINE, Calif., May 26, 2020 – Motorcycle safety starts with research. It’s the cornerstone of the MSF’s Rider Education Training System. And encouraging new motorcyclists to start out with formal rider training, and experienced motorcyclists to take refresher courses, is a big part of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. MSF coaches Andria Yu and Ty van Hooydonk conducted […] Introduces its “Driver’s Commitment to Safety” Checklist for Use by Car and Truck Drivers

IRVINE, CA. May 1, 2017 –, a program created by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, has introduced a new tool to help novice and experienced drivers stay safe behind the wheel: the “Driver’s Commitment to Safety” checklist. The MSF has previously published a motorcyclist-specific Contract for Safety for use as a discussion tool and to formalize a motorcyclist’s or […]

Let’s Prepare Now to Ride Again Soon

IRVINE, Calif., April 28, 2020 —During the COVID-19 outbreak, riders everywhere are anxious to see a return to normal so that we can head out to our favorite trails, scenic roadways, and motorcycling events. For now, many of us are following directives to stay at home. Others live in areas where riding may be limited […]