Basic RiderCourse℠ Handbook

The MSF Basic RiderCourse Rider Handbooks are now available for purchase from the Amazon Kindle store, and are viewable on almost any computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Available in English, Spanish, and Korean.

For some devices you will need the free Kindle reading app.

Whether you’re looking to study the Handbook prior to taking a hands-on training course – note that some course locations will ask students to download the Kindle version before attending the course – or simply want to add it to your library of motorcycling reference books, the Kindle version of the Handbook is a convenient guide to the basics of riding. The Handbooks are not configured for printing.

Click a link below to purchase the handbook on Amazon:

Basic RiderCourse Rider Handbook

Motorcycle Safety Foundation Curso Básico de Manejo: Manual de Motociclista (MSF Learning) (Spanish Edition)

Basic RiderCourse Rider Handbook (International Edition – Korean): 오토바이 안전 재단 기본 라이더과정 라이더 안내책자 (MSF Learning)