You and Your Scooter: Riding Tips

Sccoter Riding Safety Tips Booklet

The way to ensure trouble-free riding – whether novice or experienced – is to learn to operate your scooter more skillfully and safely. Your enjoyment and your safety depend on mastering not only the skill of riding a scooter, but also on the mental strategies related to sharing the road.

Motorcycle Tire Guide

Motorcycle Tire Guide booklet

Safe riding depends on selecting the right tires, inspecting and maintaining them, and replacing them as necessary.

You and Your 3-Wheel Motorcycle: Riding Tips



You have gained admission to the wonderful world of motorcycling. You are going to have a marvelous time.

You also have some new responsibilities, which is what this little booklet is all about.

Tips & Practice Guide for the Off-Highway Motorcyclist

Tips and Practice Guide for the Off-Highway Motorcyclist booklet

The information contained in this publication is offered for the benefit of those who have an interest in and ride off-highway motorcycles. The information has been compiled from publications, interviews and observations of individuals and organizations familiar with the use of off-highway motorcycles.

Motorcycle Operator Manual

motorcycle operator manual

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation Motorcycle Operator Manual contains tips and strategies to help riders manage risk. The manual was written for novices and designed for use in licensing programs, but there’s great information for all two- and three-wheel motorcycle riders. Topics covered include motorcycle controls, developing effective street strategies, group riding, riding with a passenger, and more.

You and Your Motorcycle: Riding Tips

Motorcycle riding tips booklet

Riding a motorcycle properly is a skill you can learn. It’s not something you are born with, like having red hair or blue eyes. It takes thinking and practice to ride one well. Unfortunately, many riders never learn the critical skills to ride safely and enjoy the sport to its fullest.

Advanced RiderCourse (ARC)

Advanced RiderCourse (ARC)

Discussion and riding drills designed to improve vital braking and cornering skills. Ideal for improving street skills or preparing for a track day or similar non-MSF course.

Street Strategies eCourse


An online course taken at your own pace (takes about 1.5 hours). Ideal for current or returning
street riders.

Basic RiderCourse 2 License Waiver

Basic RiderCourse-2 License Waiver

One day, on-motorcycle course for current riders who need to earn their license. Meets DMV requirements in most states.[code_snippet id=9]