Basic RiderCourse2 ePackage2

Basic RiderCourse2 ePackage2

Often the eCourse element of a Basic RiderCourse2 license waiver, the EP2 combines Street Strategies and Human Factors. This is often a prerequisite to the on-motorcycle portion of your class.

Basic RiderCourse ePackage1

Basic RiderCourse ePackage1

This course combines the Basic and Human Factors content into a single eCourse. It’s perfect for new riders and is a prerequisite for many MSF Basic RiderCourses.

Human Factors

Human Factors eCourse

Physical conditioning, mood, reaction time and many other physical and intellectual elements that affect you when riding. Perfect for anyone riding on two or three-wheels, including eBikes!

AdventureBike RiderCourse

AdventureBike RiderCourse

Learn the fundamental skills needed to take your ADV or Dual-Purpose motorcycle beyond the pavement.

Advanced RiderCourse (ARC)

Advanced RiderCourse (ARC)

Discussion and riding drills designed to improve vital braking and cornering skills. Ideal for improving street skills or preparing for a track day or similar non-MSF course.

Street Strategies eCourse

Street Strategies eCourse

Already ride? This course looks beyond basic motorcycle operation and focuses on strategies used by riders when riding on public roads. Perfect for current riders looking to keep sharp while riding, or riders returning to motorcycling after time away.

Basic RiderCourse 2 License Waiver

Basic RiderCourse-2 License Waiver

One day, on-motorcycle course for current riders who need to earn their license. Meets DMV requirements in most states.[code_snippet id=9]

Basic RiderCourse 2 Skill Practice

Basic RiderCourse 2-Skill Practice

One day, on-motorcycle course for current riders or newly licensed riders looking to refine and build skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Introductory Motorcycle Experience


Moto curious? Our two-hour experience teaches basic motorcycle controls and key personal attributes needed to become a safe rider. Motorcycles are provided for your use.