“I wanted to drop a line to express my extreme satisfaction with the training I received from the MSF course I took in August of 2013. I have been riding bicycles for nearly my entire life both for pleasure and competitively from BMX, mountain bike, triathlon, and even the 109-mile El Tour de Tucson. I decided to get my first motorcycle last year and wanted to get training prior to taking possession of the big v-twin bike that I now ride every day.

The incident that prompted me to write this email happened two days ago. I had a very close call in traffic on my way home from work. I was driving along here in Tucson on Houghton Road going north from I-10 and approaching my left turn. I was doing at or just above the 50 MPH speed limit of the area when a small silver sedan pulled from a side street without looking or slowing down, never mind stopping for the stop sign he had. Right at that moment the training kicked in and I was able to slow the 750 pound Suzuki M109R by using the emergency stop procedures practiced in the class and I have continued to practice at the recommendation of my instructors. As I was hard on the front and rear brake and downshifting to use the engine to help brake I held the horn button. It was only when I was 5 feet from his bumper did the young kid finally see me, stuck his hand out and waved. That was all I got for him risking my life, a wave. I’m sure you’ve heard these storied a thousand times that have ended badly, but this one ended with a crash avoidance pure and simply from the training I received last August.

There have been a few other times while simply riding to work or riding for enjoyment that your training has kept me safe as well. Keep up the good fight and keep training the new riders. I look forward to taking the advanced rider course in the future to hone my skills even more.” – John T, Arizona