2023MSF News

The Scam That Sparked an Obsession

I entered the world of motorcycling as the unwitting victim of what, in retrospect, was a kind of scam. Decades ago, in the fourth-floor hallway of Copley Hall, my dorm at Georgetown University, a casual friend a couple years ahead of me was graduating and needed to unload his Honda Passport (aka Super Cub). Easily…

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Motorcycle Safety Foundation Awarded the 2022 Visionary Award from the Arizona Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Foundation

IRVINE, Calif., May 12, 2022 — The Arizona Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Foundation presented its 2022 Visionary Award to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation for its work in rider education, promoting safety and awareness for motorcyclists, and for its positive influence on the Arizona motorcycling community. “The Motorcycle Safety Foundation continues to raise the bar on rider…

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