National Motorcycle Safety Support

Prior to conducting Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) RiderCoursesSM, potential training providers (Sponsors) must be accepted into the Rider Education Recognition Program (RERP) and submit documentation for a training range that meets MSF standards and guidelines.

Training Site Support

What is the purpose of the RERP?
The RERP makes MSF curricula for new and experienced riders available to Sponsors. It provides training standards for RiderCoaches (instructors) and course completion standards. Course completion cards are available for successful participants, which may qualify them for insurance discounts and tuition reimbursements, and may waive a state's written and/or riding test for licensing. The RERP also provides a system for the loan of training motorcycles, a national toll-free number for participant referrals and affordable course insurance through the RiderCourse Insurance Plan. Technical, administrative and promotional assistance is also available to RERP sponsors.

What qualifications do I need to become a Training Sponsor?
Potential sponsors should review rules and regulations for motorcycle safety training and for setting up a small business in their state.

What are the requirements for insurance?
Potential sponsors are required to provide insurance coverage for students, motorcycles, RiderCoaches, all other Site personnel and MSF. Sponsor may purchase an MSF RiderCourse Insurance Plan or obtain comparable insurance independently.

What are the requirements for Training Ranges?
The range must be selected with safety in mind. Ideally, the surface should be smooth and flat pavement or concrete, and free from hazards and obstacles. It is possible to arrange exercises around permanent objects such as light poles and curb dividers, as long as exercise-specific distances and space guidelines are followed. The riding area should be closed off from regular vehicular traffic and far enough from existing traveled roadways to provide a buffer area should a rider momentarily lose operational control. A standard range requires a 160' x 260' paved area. General procedures for preparing and laying out a standard range can be found in the MSF RiderCoach Guide.

What are the requirements for the classroom and storage?
The classroom should be conducive for a good, positive learning environment. It should be clean and have enough space for participant comfort. It should contain audiovisual and instructional equipment and materials to facilitate RiderCoach instruction and participant learning. Ideally, the classroom should be near the range. Motorcycle and course equipment should be stored and secured in appropriate facilities for protection from environmental factors and theft or vandalism.

Who can conduct MSF RiderCourses?
Only MSF-certified RiderCoaches can conduct MSF RiderCourses. Contact your State/Military Motorcycle Program Coordinator for information on how to become a RiderCoach.

How do I apply for a RERP?
Begin by contacting your State/Military Motorcycle Program Coordinator to discuss your interest in becoming a Training Sponsor. The Coordinator can inform you of state or branch specific rules and regulations applicable to training providers and recommend a currently active RiderCoach or RiderCoach Trainer to assist you with the RERP application process.

What are the requirements for International Training Organizations?
Before granting RERP status to an international training organization, MSF will conduct a thorough investigation of the organization. In addition to considering the requestor's educational qualifications and business experience, MSF may consider whether the candidate and the organization have the support of the relevant government agencies and rider organizations in their country. MSF will also review the request with MSF member companies and may consult the U.S. State Department regarding U.S. relations with the country. It is rare that we will license our curriculum for use outside the U.S.

No candidate for a RiderCoach prep who intends to conduct training outside the U.S. or its military bases should be admitted to an RCP without prior approval from MSF, whether or not the candidate is based in the U.S.