Motorcycle Safety Foundation Awarded the 2022 Visionary Award from the Arizona Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Foundation

IRVINE, Calif., May 12, 2022 — The Arizona Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Foundation presented its 2022 Visionary Award to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation for its work in rider education, promoting safety and awareness for motorcyclists, and for its positive influence on the Arizona motorcycling community.

Robert Gladden of MSF with the 2022 Visionary Award

“The Motorcycle Safety Foundation continues to raise the bar on rider training and education,” said Mick Degn, executive director of AMSAF. “The organization is always working to improve its curricula, create development opportunities for RiderCoaches, and to help all riders ride their best.”

MSF was honored at AMSAF’s annual Share the Road & Riding for the Long-Haul fundraiser in May. More than 300 people from Arizona’s motorcycle, law enforcement, and medical communities attended the event.

AMSAF has awarded more than 4,500 scholarships for motorcycle training and 1,300 grants for helmet purchases. Additionally, AMSAF works with the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) to help raise motorcycle awareness among Arizona road users.

Nationwide, more than 9 million riders have enrolled in MSF RiderCourses since 1974. In 2020, over 11,350 Arizona riders took a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course, including the Basic RiderCourse, Basic RiderCourse 2, and Advanced RiderCourse offerings. The Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles recognizes the MSF BRC and BRC2 as license waiver courses.

“The Arizona Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Foundation is a great example of what can happen when diverse communities work together,” said Rob Gladden, vice president of training operations for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. “We are grateful for our strong partnership and look forward to our continued collaboration to provide quality motorcycle rider education for riders and potential riders in Arizona.”

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The Arizona Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Foundation was created in 2011 to promote motorcycle awareness and to help riders find proper training. Each year, AMSAF has presented a Visionary Award to an individual or organization involved in promoting safety and awareness, helping to reduce crashes and fatalities.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation, the country’s leading safety resource and advocate for motorcyclists, creates education and training systems for riders of every experience level. For those looking to get into riding, formal motorcycle training, such as the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Basic RiderCourse, is among the best ways to learn. The MSF also offers refresher courses and advanced skills courses for experienced riders.